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Niykee Heaton Is Back In Her Bikini & Everything Is Ok In The World


Niykee Heaton has been a little quite of late. The 22-year-old hasn’t blessed us with a new track since last year and her iconic Instagram has been quite tame. (At least, by her standards). Well, she bounces back today (April 14) with a series of sexy snaps from Cabo. It’s good to see she hasn’t gained any chill and is still doing her thing. Now we just need new music. And expectations are high. After all, The Bedroom Tour Playlist cracked the iTunes top 5 with little fanfare and the “Bad Intentions” video has racked up a whopping 40 million views.

(One more time for the dummies). Why is the rising star always nude? Because she feels like it. “My path to self acceptance was long and arduous but I have my music to thank,” Niykee wrote in an op-ed for Cosmopolitan. “Instead of hiding I unveiled myself with pride. As it turned out, the general public would rather me be broken and self-conscious… society preaches self-acceptance, yet forces self-loathing.” Check out the rule-breaking singer’s latest pics up top and revisit her eye-popping “Bad Intentions” video below.