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This Yogi’s Gravity-Defying Marriage Proposal Is Everything


Acroyoga (and IRL) partners Alec Horan and Steph Gardner were practicing their moves on the beach during a recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii, when Steph, who was “flying” at the time, went into a full-back extension that brought her face-to-face with her boyfriend — and a marriage proposal.

All this love in the air while I’m watching this, but I can be sure a lot of dudes are like “this could be us, but I’m the guy in the back”!

Alec, a 25-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident, presented a ring to 24-year-old Steph, from Asbury, New Jersey, in what might be the bendiest proposal of all time.

They even pull off the most amazing Superman kiss before returning to the ground:

And as if that stunt wasn’t magical enough, the dismount that followed was pretty perfect too:

Although Alec and Steph, who met in college and had been practicing acroyoga together since they began dating two years ago, had hit this pose several times before, this was the first time they filmed it. Alec, an amateur photographer, often take pictures of their poses for Instagram.